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Bargo River Masonary Viaduct Bridge (Tahmoor NSW)
Stonequarry Sandstone Viaduct (Picton NSW)

General Equipment

Branchline Home Signal. Moss Vale (NSW)
Tasmanian Government Railways WG52 Gang Motor
50 Ton Brownhoist Breakdown Cranes 1080 & 1081
Puffing Billy Railway (VIC) Rolling Stock)

Goods Wagons

Freight Corp NQYY Container Wagon
NSW NQIX (ICX) Container Wagon
NSW Water Tank (Water Gin)
Tasmanian Government Railways 5 Ton Travelling Crane No. 2
NSW NVJA (JHG) Goods Brake Van
National Rail RHGF Hopper
NSWGR NVUF (UHG) Goods Brake Van
Freight Australia VQOF Container Wagon
Freight Australia VHGF Grain Hopper
NSW NPCF 12095 Ash Tanker
NSW NPSF 3491 Ash Tanker
"Toll" RRXY 5 Pack Container Well Wagons
NSW NTAF 5443 (MOA 443) Oil/Petrol Tanker


Exeter (NSW) Station Building & Environs
Millthorpe (NSW) Station Building & Environs
Bombala (NSW) Station building & Environs
New Town (Tas) Station Former Down Platform Building
Bundanoon (NSW) Station Building & Environs
Crookwell (NSW) Station Building & Environs
NSW 60ft Turntable at Crookwell - NSW
5 Ton Gantry Crane at Ardlethan - NSW
Cumnock (NSW) Station Building
Wingello (NSW) Station Building & Environs


CRT 73 Class Diesel Electric Locomotive
Vline C503 Diesel Electric Locomotive
ATN L254 Diesel Electric Locomotive
National Rail NR Class Diesel Electric locomotive (Various Units)
CFCLA KL81 Diesel Electric Locomotive (Former NSW 49 Class Locomotive)
CFCLA FL220 Diesel Electric Locomotive (Former NSW 422 Class Locomotive)
R & H Transport Services JL404 Diesel Electric Locomotive (Former NSW 442 Class Locomotive)
Freight Corp PL5 & PL7 Diesel Electric Locomotive (Former NSW 48 Class Locomotive)
Austrac HL203 Diesel Electric Locomotive (Former NSW 422 Class Locomotive)
Tasmanian Government Railways Ruston Diesel Mechanical Shunting locomotive)
Australian Southern CLP13 & CLP17 Diesel Electric Locomotive
NSWGR 53 Class Steam Locomotive (5333)
Silverton 45s1 Diesel Electric Locomotive
Silverton 442s6 Diesel Electric Locomotive
National Rail NR56 Seatrain Diesel Electric Locomotive
Cairns-Kuranda Railway "ANJA" 3620 Steam Locomotive (QLD) NSWGR 27 Class Steam Locomotive, Thirlmere NSW

Passenger Coaches

Millennium Train (NSW)

Rail Motors

XPT Diesel Electric Power Car (NSW)


Scenery 1 (NSW General Scenery & Landscape Photos)
Scenery 2 (Maldon (NSW) Scenery & Landscape Photos)
Scenery 3 Trees

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