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Bethungra Steel Deck Bridge (NSW)
Yass Road Trestle Bridge

General Equipment

John Holland Rail Grinder
AK Track Inspection Car 2382
AK Track Inspection Car 2383
AK Track Inspection Car 2384

Goods Wagons

VQCX 558-J Freight Australia Container Wagon
VQFX 295-Y Freight Australia Open Wagon
NSW NTBF 3441 Emoleum Tank Wagon
NSW NTBF 3435 Emoleum Tank Wagon
NSW NTAF 6023 & 6134 Shell Tank Wagon
VHJX 204-H Freight Australia Grain Hopper
NSW NHWF Riveted Ballast Wagon
NSW NWHF Welded Ballast Wagon
NSW NHBF Welded Ballast Wagon
NSW NFBF Ballast Plough
NSWGR CW Cattle Wagon
National Rail ROHF - ROQF Ore Hopper
NSW NVFF Guards Van
NSW NVMF Guards Van
RHIF 29298 Gravel Hopper
Rail Infrastructure Corporation NDFF Ballast Hopper


Byron Bay (NSW) 20,000 Gallon Circular Water Tank
Unanderra (NSW) Station Building & Environs
Coolac (NSW) Station Building & Environs
Chakola (NSW) Station building & Environs
Binalong (NSW) Station Building & Environs


Pacific National 48 Class Diesel Electric Locomotive
NSWGR 19 Class Steam Locomotive (1923)
Interail 42202 Diesel Electric Locomotive
West Coast Rail B80 Diesel Electric Locomotive
CFCLA GL101 Diesel Electric Locomotive
NSWGR 1076(1804 Steam Locomotive)
NSWGR 1803 Steam Locomotive
Australia Railroad Group 3103 & 3104 Diesel Electric Locomotives
Rail Infrastructure Corporation (RIC) 4827 Diesel Electric Locomotive
Freight Corp 8038 Diesel Electric Locomotive
Southern Railway Group GM38-Y Diesel Electric Locomotive
Freight Australia T371 Diesel Electric Locomotive

Passenger Coaches

NSW FAM 2391 Sleeper Coach

Rail Motors

NSW Cityrail Endeavour Rail Cars

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