This site was constructed for the purpose of displaying Australian Railway photographs of a difference (working detail photos). The objective is to show between 10 - 20 detailing photos of any particular piece of railway equipment, as well as a general overall photo of that piece of equipment, therefore allowing other modellers to benefit from the photography.

As I am an avid scratchbuilder, I have many detail photographs of pieces of railway equipment. These photos have been used in conjunction with drawings and measurements to build various models to what I would consider a high standard. So, with this in mind, I thought that other modellers would have a selection of photos of equipment that they may be modelling from, and would like to share the information with other modellers by way of these pages. I think it would be safe to say that some modellers don't have the time, the facilities, or the equipment to obtain the necessary photos of their dream loco, or other piece of railway equipment. So, if those modellers who do have the photos and would like to share their information with other modellers via this web page, the objective of the site will have been achieved.

If you would like to contribute to the success of this site and share your detail photos with other modellers who don't have the information (for whatever reason), I, and other modellers, would appreciate your contribution. Who knows: you may be surprised to see something from other contributors that may help or improve your modelling. After all, improving standards and modelling in general is one of my main aims in this wonderful, diverse hobby. Happy Modelling, and take a look at the Submission Criteria Page to obtain a better idea of what is required

A new page named the Suggestions page, has been set up. This page will allow modellers & photographers to request detail photos of any particular item in which they may be interested. The ideas may provoke any of the other surfers of the site into providing the necessary photos. The requests will be listed on this page with the e-mail address of the person requesting the information until the infomation is forthcoming. To go to the Suggestions page just click on the above link. Any suggestions can be e-mailed to the webmaster as can any photo sets for posting onto the site.


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