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This page should help those of you who don't have detail photos of a piece of equipment, but would like the assistance from other modellers who may have some photos in their collection. It may also provoke others into going out and taking photos of the equipment required (wouldn't that be nice).

So if you require help with detail photographs, or you have some photographs to submit to the site, your e-mails are more than welcome. The requests for information will stay on this page until they are met (which I hope is only a very short time).

I cannot stress the importance of SHARING in this great hobby of Railway Modelling. For it is only with sharing information, that others can learn and pass on what they have learnt. So be part of the sharing circle and contribute to Australian Railway Detail Photos and in doing so, helping me to assist others.

Happy Modelling Keiran Ryan

How are you going, just been looking through the ARDP site, and wanted to request the NSW FS passenger cars, preferably 3801 Limited cars. I'm detailing some at the moment and am particularly interested in the underbody and step areas, also the ends where the lift bars are located. Also I would like the NQVF container wagon in its present state. These were originally the flexivan wagons, but have been modofied to take normal shipping containers. Finally, congratulations on the site, it is a real help with modelling the NSW railways, keep up the good work! Regards,

Brett Kavanagh

Hi Keiran,Just wondering if you could post a detail photo request or perhaps you know someone who may already have some of the following pics. I am mainly after underframe detail and arrangements. AB91 dining car (Canberra) KP mail vans (Canberra, Dorrigo and LVR) MCE 637 (painted in ambulance train white at Tarago but possibly only a body now?) I also have a fair few photos of RBX, MAM, KAM, VHO, HS, FS and TAM/EAM at the RTM if anyone asks, I'll get a few more and let you know. (About 130 of RBX! and around 20 each for the rest so far) cheers.

Ben Noakes

Hello Keiran,
In your next email could you ask if anyone has any photographs pertaining to the Buderim Palmwoods Tramway. It closed in 1935. Any locomotive, rolling stock pictures or any showing rail line or buildings would be helpful. I am attempting to gather sufficient information to model sections of this tramway.

Regards, Ross Gillies

Dear Keiran,
What a joy find your great webpage. I am the son of an itinerate railway man. As you would know this kind of life leaves most of us without a sense of roots. I am now an Old Age Pensioner and my thoughts return to Craboon, the only place that I feel in my bones that I can truly call home. The old places at Craboon are now gone. Do you have any photos of Craboon Railway Station, railway cottage or stockyards? Here is hoping,



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