This photo set was taken of the former down platform building located at the Tasmanian Transport Museum between April 2002 and May 2003 Stuart Dix

New Town station was opened by the Tasmanian Main Line Railway Company in 1878 as Risdon Road. It was renamed New Town in 1895. The station was located 3 miles (4.5 km) from the terminal in Hobart. New Town was initially located on a single line, before becoming the end of the double track from Hobart. Later still, the track was doubled beyond New Town, eventually reaching Claremont. The station was attended until December 1974, when suburban passenger trains in Hobart ceased. After this, the building on the down platform (northbound track) was removed in a number of pieces and transported to the Tasmanian Transport Museum in Glenorchy, where it has been restored and again serves as a departure point for passenger trains. New Town station featured two buildings, one on each platform, and a small yard. New Town was unusual in that here the railway line parallelled the MTT's trolley bus service, the only location that the trolley bus and railway systems met, other than at Hobart station.

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