This photo set of Ruston Diesel - Mechanical Shunting Locomotive was taken at the Tasmanian Transport Museum between October 2002 and May 2003 by Stuart Dix

To assist in the shunting of the railway yards at their Rosebery (Tasmania) mine, the Electrolytic Zinc Company of Australasia Ltd purchased an 88 hp (66 kW) diesel-mechanical shunting locomotive from the Ruston and Hornsby company of England. This locomotive (builders number 284836/1950) was delivered in 1950 and spent most of its life shunting around the Rosebery mine yard until the advent of block ore trains and the cessation of general goods traffic removed the need to shunt small groups of wagons. The locomotive saw little use from the mid 1970's, spending most of the time locked in the goods shed at Rosebery station. Shortly after the sale of the Emu Bay Railway to ATN (the owners of Tasrail) was announced, the Ruston locomotive was donated by Pasminco, the owners of the Rosebery mine and the EBR, to the Tasmanian Transport Museum Society and trucked to the Glenorchy museum, arriving on 16 April 1998. The loco is fully operational and used for shunting when required.

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