This photo set of WG52 Gang Motor at the Tasmanian Transport Museum in October 2002 and May 2003 Stuart Dix

The vehicle pictured was typical of a large number used by the Tasmanian Government Railways to transport gangs to worksites, perform track inspections and fire patrols. The vehicle pictured was built at the Launceston Workshops utilising parts from the Wisconsin company, of the USA. This design of vehicle dated from the late 1960s ???, and were able to carry 5 or 6 people and haul a load of up to 1 ton. These vehicles remained in use until replacement by Hi-Rail vehicles from the 1970s. These gang motors carried a small turntable with them, and could be manoeuvred on and off the track by two people. WG52 has been preserved at the Tasmanian Transport Museum, and is operational when required.

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