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This photo set of the NSWGR Steam Locomotive 1076 (1804) taken by Ben Noakes at NSWRTM Thirlmere . In 1907 these (Z)18 locomotives were fitted with new domed boilers. This class was the first in the state to have power reversing gear fitted to it. This occurred in 1922 and was of a hydraulic type probably to allow fast reversing whilst shiunting in Sydney yard and various depots. This apparently lasted only a short period being replaced by a lever reverse. In 1927 they were transferred to locomotive depot work. For this work some were fitted with cranes and renumbered in the (X)10 series. Later with cranes removed, and restored to their (Z)18 numbers they were used on the Port Kembla Harbour commercial network. No. 1076 (previously 1804) was the exception. Retaining the number 1076 after the crane was removed and a small bunker fitted. Numbers 1801 and 1806 were sold to Wallarah Colliery where they finished their days and No. 1802 was sold to the Public Works Department.
The remaining Z18 class were withdrawn in 1963 as their boilers gave out and overhauls were not warranted owing to the impending dieselisation of the network. 1076 continued in use at various depots and workshops until finally being withdrawn in 1972. Both 1803 and 1076 have been retained by the NSWRTM at Thirlmere. (information supplied from the Compendium of NSW Locomotives)
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